Coated Tool Division

Balzers PVD Rapid Coating SystemSomta has an integrated state-of-the art Balzers PVD Rapid Coating System in its manufacturing programme, offering the innovative range of Balzers BALINIT® high performance coatings on all cutting tools.

Main Benefits of Balzers BALINIT® Coatings on Somta Cutting Tools

For best benefit, it is important to match coating to substrate and workpiece material.

High Vanadium
– Improves toughness

High Cobalt
– Increases thermal resistance

Better sliding properties due to higher surface quality
– Improved chip flow
– Lower susceptibility to cold welding
– Enhanced workpiece surface quality

Increased hardness and residual compressive stress ratio
– Outstanding fidelity of edge geometry
– Excellent coating adhesion
– Uniform wear behaviour

Greater wear resistance
– Lower tooling costs
– Increased tool service life
– Fewer tool changes
– Extra regrinding cycles

Greater thermal and chemical resistance
– Dry machining
– Higher cutting speeds and feeds
– Less cratering

Physical Vapor Deposition

or PVD, is a thin-film process which is applied under vacuum conditions. This process involves the generation of positively charged ions of various coating metals which react when the gas ions are introduced into the chamber to create various compositions. The parts being coated are given a negative bias in order to attract the positively charged ions. This results in a very strong mechanical bond between the coating and the tool. The process is carried out at relatively low temperatures which do not affect the original hardness of the tool.


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