Reamer Tool Range

Reamer Tool RangeIf you’re looking for a perfect finish to your machining job, Somta Tools has a precise reaming solution for you.

Established in 1954, Somta offers a range of high quality standard reamer products and custom reaming solutions. From closest tolerance precision machining of extremely accurate holes through to enlargement, alignment and deburring of holes for construction, assembly and general purpose applications. We have a product or a solution to satisfy your specific engineering requirements.

Manufactured from premium M2 (HSS) or M35 (HSS-Co5) High Speed Steel, with or without TiN/TiAIN coatings for extended operational wear life, Somta reamers deliver quality results from start through to final finish.

Standard ranges of precision reamers are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions to meet DIN and ISO standards to tolerances of H7 for general hand reamers and machine reamers.

Taper pin reamers are used to ream holes accurately for taper pins used in numerous engineering applications.

Taper socket finishing reamers are used for final finishing of Morse Taper holes to accept Morse Taper shafts.

General purpose standard reamers include MTS taper bridge reamers for enlarging and aligning holes.

Custom designed construction / general purpose hexagonal shank reamers are often used in pneumatic hand held equipment and these are manufactured to customer specifications.

Benefits of Somta Reamers

The advantage of Somta manufactured reamers are that they:

  • comply with the precise tolerances specified by the DIN/ISO/BS standards
  • are supplied to some of the most exacting specialist reamer users worldwide
  • are manufactured using only premium HSS and Cobalt steel grades
  • are supplied globally to more than 70 countries, confirming an excellent level of market acceptance
  • are competitively priced
  • special diameters can be supplied by reworking from finished stock or from our extensive range of semi finished blanks. This provides for a short delivery time

In-house TiN or TiAIN surface coatings can be applied to the full reamer range of standard and custom products prior to shipment. These PVD Surface coatings extend reamer life by as much as two to ten times depending on the specific application.

Somta’s reamer range includes:

General hand reaming
HSS Parallel Hand Reamers to BS 328, ISO 236/1, DIN 206 (Product Code 701/702)

General machine reaming
HSS MTS Parallel Machine Reamers to BS 328, ISO 236/11 (Product Code 711/712)
HSS-Co5 Parallel Shank Machine Chucking Reamers to DIN 212 (Product Code 751/752)
HSS-Co5 MTS Machine Chucking Reamers to DIN 208 (Product Code 741/742)

Reaming holes to suit standard taper pins
HSS Hand Taper Pin Reamers Straight Flute to DIN 9 and BS 328 (Product Code 731/732)
HSS Hand Taper Pin Reamers Spiral Flute to DIN 9 (Product Code 733)

For opening out existing holes for alignment on structural steel work
HSS MTS Taper Bridge Machine Reamers to BS 328, ISO 2238, DIN 311 (Product Code 721)

Finishing of Morse Taper holes
HSS MTS Taper Socket Finishing reamers to ISO 2250, DIN 1895 (Product Code 786)

Somta’s reamers are used in numerous applications ranging from bridge building to close tolerance component manufacturing. Somta is an ISO 9001: 2008 accredited company.

Contact our technical department for advice on any reaming application or problem, and we will design a reamer to suit your specific application. Alternatively, full product specifications may be found in our catalogue for each of the standard reamer types.

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