Somta Training and Demonstration Month


De Fruytier

During the month of October Somta was able to visit, train and demonstrate the Solid Carbide VariCut End Mill, the Solid Carbide Hard Material End Mills and the Solid Carbide End Mills for Aluminium to a few of their overseas customers.

Amongst them were:

Schwarz Cutting Tools
Somta’s first international training and demonstration day was held at Schwarz Cutting Tools in Stuttgart Germany. Present were Schwarz’s sales staff and customers, some from as far as Russia.


Schwarz Cutting Tools

De Fruytier
De Fruytier, a cutting tool supplier in Belgium, employs only technical personnel for their sales positions. They prefer their sales staff to have had machine experience. This being the case the training was therefore aimed at this level. The sales team were familiar with the tools and our training revolved around the technical aspect of the tools and benefits thereof.

A big thank you to all that attended these training and demonstration days. Be on the lookout for our next demo day in your area or contact your representative should you wish us to organise one at your company.


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